August 1, 2023

#IAmSAFE campaign launch: supporting safe abortion care in Africa

FIGO’s Advocating for Safe Abortion Project is proud to support the newly launched #IAmSAFE campaign, run by five of our member societies in Africa. This campaign, running until October 2023, aims to coordinate communication efforts regarding access to safe abortion in the West Africa region.
I Am Safe campaign

Abortion is a crucial part of universal health coverage and a time-sensitive procedure. The slightest delay can have severe repercussions on the health and well-being of women and girls.  

Every year, 35 million women use risky and less safe methods to terminate their pregnancies, and gynaecologists, obstetricians and other health care professionals around the world witness first-hand the consequences of these practices daily.  

Against this backdrop, FIGO member societies are determined to strengthen the global commitment to end the preventable pandemic of unsafe abortions.  

The #IamSAFE campaign

The FIGO Advocating for Safe Abortion Project is proud to endorse the #IAmSAFE campaign run by five of our member societies (BeninBurkina FasoCameroonMali and Côte d’Ivoire). The campaign provides relevant tools and messaging to activists, journalists, artists, OBGYNs and civil society groups for them to better engage and involve decision-makers on this essential health care issue. 

FIGO proudly supports the ‘I am safe’ campaign, enthusiastically endorsing this pivotal initiative led by national  member societies of obstetrics and gynaecology in West Africa and amplified by the health care movement across Africa. Through the creative engagement of harnessing the power of art, creativity and activism the campaign aims to amplify awareness of tools and resources available to health advocates to destigmatise and reinforce access to safe abortion services.

This is a participatory campaign that will engage with youth SRHR advocates, artists, OBGYNs and additional key stakeholders across Africa. It is a resounding call for decision-makers to invest in laws, policies and behaviours that enable women/girls to claim their right to safe abortion care if and when they need it, and ensures that health care providers can safely provide abortion care without fear or prosecution of reprisals. 

– Kader Avonnon, West Africa Advocacy and Communications Consultant, FIGO

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the stigma surrounding abortion and of the need for improved access to safe abortion services. It focuses on the creation of effective communication tools and aims to strengthen civil society partnerships to advocate for safe abortion.  

Ultimately, the campaign seeks to encourage governments and health organisations to participate in constructive dialogue around women’s reproductive health and to enhance access to safe abortion care across the region. Through these joint efforts, our member societies are striving to create an environment where women can benefit from appropriate, safe health care that respects their fundamental rights.

This is an exciting campaign that adds to the advocacy efforts being made by the societies towards accessible safe  abortion services in the sub-region and beyond. Through this campaign, we aim to have a positive impact on policy makers, health care providers and women to curb maternal mortality and morbidity. 

This campaign is a critical springboard to destigmatising safe abortion care among key stakeholders and will provide health care advocates a resource hub to access tools and resources in French and English to support them with their safe abortion care advocacy.

– Wanchia Cynthia, Communication and Advocacy Officer, Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians Cameroon (SOGOC) and member of GTCom

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